What People are Saying

  • You’re a favorite artist of mine and I’ve enjoyed your work for a long time. The Hellboy DVD was a great surprise and I’ve had a blast watching it several times already. Your art means a lot more to me and that you seem to be a good person makes it all the more special.Brian Kramer
  • I was thrilled to see that all his humor, humanity and spirit came through so wonderfully. It is such a joy to be able to not only see the hands of a master at work, but to also be able to hear his voice, his thought process, come through so effortlessly.Patrick McKay
  • Watching you work, go step by step, that was a real treat. Seeing some of the things you do, some of the techniques and the results, made me exclaim out loud a few times. You’re a magician and a genius. And yet your humility shines through. And your narration was excellent. Just loved it.Frank Darabont
  • I just finished watching the DVD you made about the creation of the Hellboy poster art and what a wonderous treat it was to sit on your shoulder for all of that! I love your humanity, your humour, warmth, and the joy that you convey from producing this great work.Ron Boyd
  • I am truly amazed by the quality and attention to detail it has. This is an absolute master class in illustration from the master himself. The DVD shows this magnificent work in such detail and brilliance that it’s absolutely clear to me now.Paul De Blieck
  • I have had your DVD for a month now and I’ve watched it many times. I’ve soaked in all your information and it’s filled in a lot of holes for me. I’m taking my art to that grand level from now on. A million thank yous for putting this DVD together. You’ve saved me many years of trial and error.Darren Beadman
  • I received my DVD this morning and I watched the whole thing 2 seconds after the mailman gave it to me. What can I say...it’s jaw dropping, amazing, awesome...just plain beautiful.William Zavala
  • I watched it completely last night, I was amazed! A must have DVD for all your fans and fans of art in general. Awesome, a masterpiece DVD in my opinion.Eduardo Castello
  • The DVD was very informative and easy to learn from. Drew is very open with his ways of painting and creating art with materials we all have. This is the only time you will see a “how to” from this artist from start to finish and trust me, I have been looking for years. It’s worth every penny.Kevin Jacobs
  • It’s sensational and well produced and I have to say a real gift that you have shared with us. I think that you are the only artist that has ever done such an in depth sample as to how the artist works. It’s everything I hoped for and more.Stephen Heigh
  • To say I’m having fun watching your DVD about the creation of the Hellboy poster art is a vast understatement. It’s inspirational and profound and there are some good laughs in there.Adam Adamowicz

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